When the sun begins to shine, which will you choose: Shorts

General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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When the sun begins to shine, which will you choose: Shorts

Post by pbinaz »

An interesting article that you might like to read.

http://barometer.orst.edu/vnews/display ... a781a286e9

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Post by Skirt Chaser »

Good articles, they give some answers for "why don't women wear skirts?" and "why not wear skirts (whoever you are)?" The only thing missing is a third article written by a man explaining why he doesn't yet wear skirts.

Oh, and welcome to posting, pbinaz! :)

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Post by me012247 »

Skirt Chaser wrote:"why don't women wear skirts?"
...because they are tired of always putting their knees together..
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Post by DrWu »

I think it's about time that guys started realising what they're missing. Most guys are so concerned about what other guys will think about their choice of clothing that they don't bother trying to be unique, and if they do try then they're labeled a name which few want to be.
Women/girls usually don't ask someone else's opinion besides "do these colours go good with my eyes or hair"? or perhaps, the infamous "does this make me look fat"?

You never see girls/women asking if their mates will approve, it's more like them waiting for the shock factour from their mates as they show up in what they just bought. Guys show up in several different things that mostly look like they've been soaked in mud. Yet, the colour pink is coming back for guys as maybe guys are starting to realise that girls are much more "manly" than the guys are in this way. They wear what they want without fear of rejection in a way we're the girly people because we need approval before we do something, sound familiar?

Not all guy's bodies are the same and some can't even fit into most guy's things (incl. me)

I prefer skirts in warmer weather as you get a draft and it feels much more free, and no sweat!!!

Quoted from the comments on that article. For emphasis.
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Post by longshadows »

Considering I have been wearing kilts daily for the past three weeks in 20 and 30 degree Maine winter weather, I can't imagine I'd jump back into bifurcates--even short ones. Ah, the natural a/c to be enjoyed in a kilt!
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Post by iain »

I thought that was a great article; thanks pbinaz. Women seem to have a way of writing which doesn't sound too uptight--just an airy expression of preference.

I added a post to the article as well.. I thought, why not? you never know who may read it.
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Post by W.M. »

I'm right on your heels, Iain.
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In case you all didn't know, the Jack Fraser in the Barometer posts is me. Skip is a nickname, my entire name is John (Jack) Fraser and yes, although I don't wear Tartan traditional kilts, my name IS highland in origin, I'm just a bit too rotund for kilts so I gravitate to straight and A-Line skirts that I can tuck under me when I sit for hip and lower back support. As you can see in my avatar I am a bit on the large side. :);) :cool:
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Post by skirttron »

Yes, Isn't the A/C effect great? Even in cold weather it's fun, and I never seem to feel cold in a kilt even at freezing temperatures. I always wear something underneath though so I'm not worried about getting embarrassed in high winds.

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