Dyeing issue

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Dyeing issue

Post by Spirou003 »

Hi everybody!

Recently I did run into a problem when cleaning clothes. Because of a new washing powder, my orange pant (that I use since more than a year now) did transfer a part of its tint to all other clothes. Those clothes being mostly white home clothes, white/gray underwear or yellow clothes for outside, it is not a problem (and it is even good for yellow ones btw). I did put one white skirt with all them, it did receive the same treatment and the color is really beautiful after that.
So, lesson learned: when anything change, even the least significant thing, I expect some clothes to rub off even the oldest ones.

Now, what's the problem? I wanted to add one (or two) pocket(s) to that skirt, by using pieces of the same clothing I did get when I shortened it. And as you can guess, the clothing is not anymore on the same color than the skirt, which is a bit problematic. I did try to make a pocket using the original textile with all corners sealed so that I can put it in the washing machine with the pant, hoping to get the same color. Bad luck, the orange tint is stronger in the pocket than in the skirt now :lol:

Here is a picture of the original skirt at left, the newly tinted in middle, and the pocket I was planning to add when it would have been of the right color (which I'm afraid will never happen)
https://snipboard.io/7Qz1wN.jpg (and another one for the real appearance of the pocket when it will be attached to the skirt https://media.discordapp.net/attachment ... nknown.png)

Because I don't really want to try again and again and again to repeat the same operation (or with dyeing that I never tried before) until I get a nicely coloured pocket (if it even happens which is not sure) and also because I do not want my pant to become white :lol: I was thinking about doing another same pocket in white, and to add them all to the skirt even if everything will be of different color then. What do you think about it? Or with two white pockets? What would look the better for you?
If you want to see what it will look like when it will be dry, I can take a picture of it with first pocket attached (with pins) and a piece of the white textile attached to act as if it is the second pocket.

With the actual residuals of the shortening, I have enough textile to do 7 other pockets (or maybe more by the cost of combining several small pieces). Btw, I will stop to use that new powder before to destroy all my clothes
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Re: Dyeing issue

Post by Sinned »

If the skirt was white originally, have you tried bleaching it? Dilute the bleach with 5 parts of water and steep the skirt in the solution for about 5 minutes, rinse and wash as normal. After bleaching and washing you could then dye the skirt whatever colour you wanted but if the colour pickup is not even then that might not be advisable. I was always told, and you have found this out the hard way, never to wash whites and colours together.
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Re: Dyeing issue

Post by r.m.anderson »

No matter what method you use - do not use a machine dryer with any degree of heat - you will SET the stain color and no doubt be unable to remove it or even make it worse.
I don't know so much about line drying in sunlight. Modern fabrics polyesters nylon rayon all have different degrees of reception to dying unlike cotton and wool.
Excessive dying technics may result in weakening and aging of the fabric shortening the life of the garment.
Have a dry cleaning shop close by get a second opinion about alternatives
Don't forget the usual test in a inconspicuous place.
You might be able to go darker (black navy blue) as an alternative.
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Re: Dyeing issue

Post by denimini »

That is a big difference in tone. Have you tried washing just the pockets with the new powder to see if it will wash some colour back out of them?
Have you thought of concealed pockets - seamed slits with pockets inside the skirt?
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