Dame Diana Rigg

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Uncle Al
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Dame Diana Rigg

Post by Uncle Al »

Dame Diana Rigg - Passes at age 82 due cancer
When I was much younger, I had a bit of a crush on this lady :D
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... BfUgNzQB_w
Dianna Rigg as Emma Peele in The Avengers 2020-09-10.jpg
Diana Rigg as the cutthroat matriarch Oleanna Tyrell in HBO's worldwide hit series, Game of Thrones, 2020-09-10.jpg
This was also reported in the U.S. :( :( :( :(

Uncle Al
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Fred in Skirts
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Re: Dame Diana Rigg

Post by Fred in Skirts »

Well known and admired by me.. :( :blue:

I enjoyed her in the Avengers as Mrs. Emma Peele...

She will be missed..
Fred :kiltdance:

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Re: Dame Diana Rigg

Post by partlyscot »

Uncle Al,

It's been a life long crush for me. Another one gone. :(
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Re: Dame Diana Rigg

Post by Stu »

The Rigg family used to live just around the corner from my wife when she was a child. They were very ordinary people and not in any way affluent.
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Re: Dame Diana Rigg

Post by Pdxfashionpioneer »

Like Al & Partly Scot, I too was crazy about Mrs. Peel ... and her car, a Lotus Elan.

She will definitely be missed. By her colleagues in TV and movies. Evidently, she was a real joy to work with.

Interesting side notes: During the first season, Mrs. Peel was played by Honor Blackmun who was considered the most beautiful woman in Great Britain. She left the show so she could play Pussy Galore in the Bond film Goldfinger..

For all of its great looks and being a product of one of Britain's automotive geniuses, Colin Chapman, the Lotus Elan was notoriously unreliable and consequently was not in production for very long. Nonetheless, it was the inspiration and model for the original generation of the Mazda Miata. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the best-selling roadster ever. Not sports car, that honor belongs to the Chevrolet Corvette, but roadster, open-top, 2 seat, sports car. (Lots of Corvettes are hardtops.)

Unlike the Elan, Miatas are incredibly reliable.
David, the PDX Fashion Pioneer

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Re: Dame Diana Rigg

Post by Kirbstone »

Miatas are MX5's over here. Very pretty little toy and deservedly popular. It's exactly what both the MGB and Triumph Spitfire should have been, but weren't of course.
Our climate is against them in two ways, 1/ It rains a lot and 2/ Low-lifes tend to slash the soft tops, particularly in cities & suburbia, where they tend to be just parked, not garaged.

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Re: Dame Diana Rigg

Post by Shilo »

Pdxfashionpioneer wrote:
Sat Sep 12, 2020 11:47 am
Interesting side notes: During the first season, Mrs. Peel was played by Honor Blackmun who was considered the most beautiful woman in Great Britain. She left the show so she could play Pussy Galore in the Bond film Goldfinger..
Just as a point of info. Honor Blackman actually played Cathy Gale. Very similar character to Emma Peel. Prior to this Steed’s sidekick was a male Doctor played by Ian Hendry.
Emma Peel was in turn succeeded by Purdy played by the equally lovely Joanna Lumley.
Diana Rigg was the first woman I had a crush on as well.
Another side note is that Dianna Rigg was the only woman to actually marry James Bond.
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