Here we go again...

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Re: Here we go again...

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I still have -- and use -- my Panasonic KXP-1091 that I bought for myself in the mid '80s. However, it is a line-buffering device, hence could not be used to do what Sinned posed as a challenge. It could be made to appear to do it by careful space and carriage control but would be brutally inefficient and the NQL (Near Letter Quality) option would be inaccessible yielding a normal-looking 9x9 matrix character.

This little printer also has a programmable character set and I taught it to reproduce the variant of the runic alphabet I was playing with at the time. Geek.
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Re: Here we go again...

Post by greenboots »

Uncle Al wrote:
Mon Jun 22, 2020 12:55 pm
I still have my STAR NX1000, 9-pin, Dot-matrix printer. It works
if I have the correct connections on the back of the PC. I was able
to find a box of ribbons for it. All is packed away - - somewhere...... ;)

Uncle Al
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Wow! I remember using one of those (and also the IBM printer, which was a rebadged EPSON with some important codes disabled!)

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Re: Here we go again...

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In my mound of electric spaghetti I still have crossover a ethernet cable and also somewhere I have an ethernet gender bender thingy that came on a cable I bought. I recently bought a USB to parallel port cable so I could hook up an old Canon portable inkjet printer. Got the printer "working" but of course the ink had dried out.

The reason I thought it worth putting fingers to keyboard is that this discussion brought back memories. In an office I worked in, back in the days of DOS 2. something, pre-networking and featuring the joys of dial up modems and dot matrix printers, along with our colour dot matrix printers, we had an IBM pro-printer, the loudest dot matrix printer I have ever heard, the noise of clanking mechanisms from the cut-sheet paper feeder was epic This was pre-Windows era, so we had the luxury of Wordstar for our Word processor. I discovered that if you switched on kerning, the printer printed each letter separately so for every line of text the rattling of the head moving to print a letter, then immediately reversing, moving back and taking a run at the next character was ludicrous. I used to get a lot of childish enjoyment by typing up a report, getting it right, before adding the code to turn kerning on, saving the file and sending it to HQ via dial up. Where they would load it and start to print only to have their printer almost shake itself to pieces as it spaced each character out.
I would love to get my hands on one of those old proprinters now!
Has anyone tried to print to an old printer these days? using PCL5 or whatever it is called these days? I think I managed to install a line printer type device from the standard Windows printer options that worked with my inkless Canon, nope, it's an HP inkjet "portable" I think.
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