Broken Plateau

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Uncle Al
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Broken Plateau

Post by Uncle Al »

As most of you folks know, I'm still "recovering" from a severe case of
Vascular Cellulitis. This 'crap', caused by a virus, ate several layers of
skin off my legs. Then I had severe edema(swelling) in my legs. The
water pills(Lasik), have removed quite a bit of fluid from my legs.

Anyway, last January I weighed around 285 pounds. As of yesterday,
when I weighed in at the Doctors office, I weighed 234.6 pounds.

I have OFFICIALLY lost 50 pounds. :D Now, if I could only get the strength
back in my legs, I'ld be doing great :D Only time will tell.

Uncle Al
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Fred in Skirts
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Re: Broken Plateau

Post by Fred in Skirts »

Al, glad to hear you are on the mend.. :D
What you were dealing with is a killer, and you are beating it for sure.

Fred :kiltdance:

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Re: Broken Plateau

Post by Freedomforall »

Fred you are right. It is a killer and seems that it is becoming more prevalent. So glad you are beating it. Godspeed sir!

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Re: Broken Plateau

Post by dillon »

Wishing you a full recovery Al. The lightened weight will be a great aid to getting healthy again. Just get in a medically supervised program to help you keep it off while getting the nutrition and exercise you need. You will outlive us all, Bro! You must be down to a skirt size 14 now?

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Re: Broken Plateau

Post by 6ft3Aussie »

Al, hope you continue to have a good recovery, and that you can beat it very soon.

When I saw the thread title, I immediately thought "Tibial Plateau Broken"...
That is a different thing all together, been there and done that.

That is a fracture of the tibial plateau at the knee joint, the biggest most solid part of the shin bone.
I fractured the tibial plateau on my right leg 9 years ago and as a result I've ended up with two plates and 13 screws in the bone to hold the pieces together while the bone heals.
14 weeks on crutches and reduced mobility, and the chance of requiring a replacement knee at around 10 years....

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