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Post by beachlion »

The faint of heart better skip this video. ...
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Re: Revenge

Post by crfriend »

"Age Restricted"? YouTube? WTF? No, I don't have a Google login and don't anticipate ever acquiring one.
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Re: Revenge

Post by Uncle Al »

Saw this a couple of years ago. Was funny then as it is now. ;)

I hope the "workers" learned their lesson. :D

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Re: Revenge

Post by Fred in Skirts »

I though it was more of just a better look for the workers than revenge.
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Re: Revenge

Post by Sinned »

Like Carl, I have lasted this long without a google account and don't see why I should start now. Have I missed anything? Give us the gist of what happened.
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Re: Revenge

Post by partlyscot »

Sinned wrote:Like Carl, I have lasted this long without a google account and don't see why I should start now. Have I missed anything? Give us the gist of what happened.
Lady subjected to catcalls from a building site decides to get revenge. She introduces her friend, a smartly dressed young man, and then says "he has a secret"

Cut to figure in high heels and skirt walking, camera pans up to the figure walking, and although not obvious, you know who it must be from context. More catcalls from building site, and this "young lady" walks past, but before going out of sight, stops, turns, then suddenly reaches down, grasps the hem of the skirt, and hikes it way up above "her" waist. You get a view of naked buttocks, and thus you know what the builders get to see. Reaction is predictable, all the builders turn away shouting in disgust and protest. Quite funny, though I doubt it is actually real. There was another similar video where the victim of the comments turns out to be the guys mother dressed up for the occasion. When catcalled, she turns on the guy and basically hauls him of by his ear, batting him over the head with her bag. Even funnier, helps that I think it was in Italian, though I believe that was shown to be a set up as well.

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Re: Revenge

Post by trdrl92 »

“Vic has a little secret.”

Ouch. RIP Vic’s ego! :lol:

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