Skirt as protest

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Skirt as protest

Post by Gusto10 »

Again the situation that short were not allowed at the office, thus this chap asked via the social media for a skirt after consulting his superior and wore the skirt to office: ... &FORM=EWRE

Now his superior would bring the subject up in the next MT-meeting. The result thereof is not mentioned.

In my humble opinion, shorts should not be considered office wear as one may be expected to be representative, especially if one has client contact. Office and beach attire isn't the same.

One of the ministries in the Netherlands recently gave an advise to its staff as how to dress during to one hot day of the year (summarised: no beach wear). Everybody was affronted.

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Re: Skirt as protest

Post by kiltguyire »

Its a very casual skirt and top so shorts would have been ok I think if it were a suit then a work skirt would have been better.

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Re: Skirt as protest

Post by new2skirts »

A lot of young people have told their workplace they are Genderfluid, which is widely accepted under LGBT laws at work. There has just been Pride Month, and that may be another way to wear skirts with no fear of reprisal at work if you really want to. Genderfluid avoids the former trans path many may have been inclined to follow. People are quite open minded, even if it appears they "unsee" us. The guy in the article should have worn a smarter skirt, namely a pencil with tights, or whatever other women world wewr to work. That skirt looks more casual.

Protests like this are "unseen" or ignored by most, bear in mind. And you may become "that guy in a skirt" who may be tolerated rather than accepted.

No UK articles regarding skirted builders, bus drivers or schoolboys so far :mrgreen:
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Re: Skirt as protest

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Can't read the article as a pop-up appears which, I think, is asking about 'cookies'.
Plus it would need to be translated into English. :(

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Re: Skirt as protest

Post by r.m.anderson »

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