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If you're new to the Cafe, please grab a seat by the potted palm, settle down with a nice big latte, and tell us a little bit about yourself. Please also look here for forum principles and rules.
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Re: Hello / New Here

Post by oldsalt1 »

Dave. I don't know but I checked my mail and its been over a week and still no cheesesteak. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Its almost 5pm getting dark when you get home tonight a little later about 9pm Put on a skirt get in your car drive a COUPLE OF TOWNS AWAY and get gas. Pull into a self service station go to the farthest pump park you car so your door blocks most of you get gas than take the long way home. Take a few singles with you and on the way home stop at a store run in and buy a lotto ticket. JUST DO IT
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Re: Hello / New Here

Post by Sinned »

Dave, it's almost a right of passage going out in a skirt the first time. We've all been there, the heart palpitations, sweaty palms, fear almost. Then after the event, when nothing happens, nobody says anything, no finger pointing, no nothing. Then it hits. You wonder what the problem was, why the fear. After that it does get easier. The main problem I have going out is not the skirt, per se, it's putting together an outfit, top, skirt, tights shoes that I feel comfortable in and coordinates. Many times I put somethings on then change this, then that, then the other before I finally walk out the door. As everyone says, JFDI, you'll feel a lot, lot better afterwards. :D
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Re: Hello / New Here

Post by SEPADave »

Thank you all for the words of encouragement and support. I have been venturing outside my comfort zone, just a little. I live in a condo, so my mailbox is at the front entrance door to our building, Twice last week, I went out to get the mail in a skirt. No encounters with others, but still, a step forward for me.

Again, thank you all for the warm welcome and words of encouragement


P.S. -- "oldsalt1" Twice I went to Pat's, bought the cheese steak to send to you but ate it before I got to the post office.... Sorry :lol:
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Re: Hello / New Here

Post by Fred in Skirts »

SEPADave wrote:P.S. -- "oldsalt1" Twice I went to Pat's, bought the cheese steak to send to you but ate it before I got to the post office.... Sorry :lol:
That is the problem with going to Pat's, "The Cheese Steak" smells so good it is imposable to keep from eating it. :chef:

What you are going to have to do is buy three and then you will have one left to mail. But wrap it so that the smell is contained so postal workers will not smell it. They might say it was lost in the mail when questioned as to why it was not receive it...
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