Who wears the pants in your family?

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Who wears the pants in your family?

Post by moonshadow »

I saw this on my flickr feed, and "faved" it as I though it was interesting. The uploader writes this ad is from 1954...

Sad that it was totally cool to actually to actually have the audacity to advertise a woman stealing her husbands two tube pants, and here we are 63 years later and can you imagine the outrage if an advertiser even considered an advertisement geared at a husband wearing his WIFE'S clothes TODAY?! It would be the scandal of the year!!! :roll: I can just see the Christo-crits lining up a picket line outside of the retailers doors now!!

ImageWho wears the pants in your family? 1954 ad for Faultless Pajamas and Shorts by Tom Simpson, on Flickr

Note: This is not my image, and is shared via flickr's bbCode link. Should the uploader delete the file this image will be broken. I have no control over this...
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Re: Who wears the pants in your family?

Post by Kirbstone »

Nice ad, and the lady's hairstyle certainly has that '50s look.

At home MOH wears the pants. I just tag along & maintain things. To go out (to Church, for instance) or to a dinner party, MOH always goes skirted or in a dress.

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Re: Who wears the pants in your family?

Post by beachlion »

For 15 year I had a relationship and we shared the pants. Being brought up in a socialist family, I wanted everything done in a democratic way. That resulted in a lot of discussions but in the end we both were more or less happy with the outcome. My current wife has a problem of making decissions, even with small things. It takes her hours to find something suitable on the menu in a restaurant. When I know what I will have, I start a decission-tree. Beef, pork, fish, sandwich, pasta or omelette. After one minute, I take over and decide for her. She is the only person I know of that can die from hunger in the middle of a restaurant because of her iIndecisiveness.
The answer is: I have the pants and the skirts on. The figurative pants against my nature.
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Re: Who wears the pants in your family?

Post by Sinned »

Moon, it's a pity that the advert didn't show the other way around which would have been more in line withe the headline caption - she wearing the pants ....

In our relationship MOH is definitely the full-time pants wearer - I only part-time. She only wears a dress on special occasions. She is also the more dominant in the relationship. As Tom says I fix things do the heavy work. It's her birthday today so she is sleeping in, a rare event for her.
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