Ahoy guys

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Ahoy guys

Post by Felipe »

My name is Felipe, I love to talk about everything and nothing, I don't know.
I know something about everything I guess?

So, yah,I hope I can bring a lot of joy to you all in here, happy week and stay confident!

(hope I'm welcome here!) :mrgreen:

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Re: Ahoy guys

Post by skirtingtoday »

Ahoy Felipe!
Good to have you join this little group! :D As has been said elsewhere in this forum, if 999,999 men wear trousers and you wear a skirt, you are one in a million! 8)

Hope to hear more from you like your (approx) location and what skirt choices you have. Does your partner go along with you on your choices or are there problems? Love to hear your stories.

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Re: Ahoy guys

Post by melsav »

Hi Felipe. Welcome,hope to hear more from you. From what I see in the posts you have done, can we take it your into Sailing? :D

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Re: Ahoy guys

Post by couyalair »

Ola Felipe. Tell us where you are from.

Martin in Malaga, Spain.

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