I am Corporal Klinger

Discussion of fashion elements and looks that are traditionally considered somewhat "femme" but are presented in a masculine context. This is NOT about transvestism or crossdressing.
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Re: I am Corporal Klinger

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As a small country we don't wield military muscle, of course and at best our Defence Forces contribute towards manning UN posts in perennial trouble spots, mainly in the Middle East and formerly in the Balkans.
At boarding school I enrolled in the very part time Local Defence Force, receiving basic weapons training, drill &c and attending a 2-week Summer military camp twice for which we got PAID! (One of my direct classmates caught the military bug & went on to become General chief of staff, serving with the UN in many trouble spots World-wide before he retired.)

This injection of vast funds financed a 13-foot rowing boat which I built myself at age 17 and one spin-off was a pair of very tough hob-nailed boots which we were allowed retain. They came in very useful creating slides across frozen ponds & canals while we were students. None of us had skates then.

Carpe Diem......Seize the Day !
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Re: I am Corporal Klinger

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Went to the VA for my weekly group. We got into a discussion about methods of coping with PTS one of the guys in the group said you remind me of Klinger
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Re: I am Corporal Klinger

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You are rocking that look Sir!
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Re: I am Corporal Klinger

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That outfit works on you. I know where you are coming from on it as I am only a year younger than you and I would wear it in a heartbeat.
Keep up the good work.
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