Oscars 2024

News from High Street, for the Fashionistas among us! Couture only here please; if you can buy it off the rack, try another forum.
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Myopic Bookworm
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Oscars 2024

Post by Myopic Bookworm »

I was just wondering whether the Oscars would be boring, and this turned up on the BBC live feed. (I totally want to wear something like this one day!)

"US filmmaker, actor and author Eugene Lee Yang is making a statement in a huge, billowing skirt and matching fitted jacket.
He's following in the footsteps of actor and singer Billy Porter, who has also famously worn a huge skirt to the Oscars.
Fantastic to see men bucking the trend!"

https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/live-experienc ... 06f017.jpg
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Re: Oscars 2024

Post by FranTastic444 »

A great looking outfit for anyone who has the right body frame and personality to pull that type of outfit off.
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Uncle Al
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Re: Oscars 2024

Post by Uncle Al »

:hmmm: Need a lot of 'realestate' to move around in, wearing that outfit :|
Talk about a "Floor Sweeper", it's not for the faint of heart :!:

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Re: Oscars 2024

Post by moonshadow »

Pretty cool, but not very practical.
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