Hi from 'sunny' Manchester UK

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Hi from 'sunny' Manchester UK

Post by BattyB »

Hi guys. As of today, I'm brand new on here (11/03/24)

Just a bit about me by way of an intro.

As I'm posting on here, it perhaps goes without saying that I'm a bloke who.has an affinity to wearing skirts. I used to think of myself as a crossdresser but actually what does that even mean. I own all the clothes that I wear so (as Eddie Izzard once said) they are not women's clothes they are my clothes. That being the case, why term me a crossdresser?

It's societies norms that keep me mainly in the closet though I have ventured out in my skirts and my dresses at times but only when I think that all is quiet or if I'm going for a drive in my skirts. Whilst I did (and do) enjoy my trips out, I did feel incredibly anxious and vulnerable. This vulnerability was made worse for me due to negativity from my local community and particularly some idiots who live on my street who would verbally abuse me, spread strange stories about me being a homosexual (actually, no I'm not but what would it matter if I was), about how I am a risk to children and targeting my property with acts of vandalis - especially the car (and I love my cars particularly my Jag). I would wake up every weekend (about 30 years ago) to find the rear wiper had been bent and the remains of an Indian takeaway smeared over parts of the car.

It's particularly strange that I was said to be a risk to children as a part of my role as a mental health practitioner is to protect them from abuse and/or neglect, often from family members. The idiots who were trying to make my life hell were precisely the type of people who would become the subject of a full safeguarding case. Can't go into this though, it's confidential and rightly so.

I first wore a skirt when still in my formative years. Mum was a single parent and needed to work full time and at times there was my sister's skirts waiting to be ironed. I often looked at these and wondered what they felt like to wear. I think I was 11 when I decided to put one on to find out for sure. The rest, as they say, is history. I have been wearing skirts ever since but mainly in private.

Mum didn't know about my skirt wearing until I was age 15 when she found some of the skirts I had made for myself - I had neither the money or the courage to buy ready made skirts at the time. She was not best pleased and warned me not to break her heart. Strange how social norms have such a strong hold on people that an otherwise loving mother should feel that her son wearing a skirt should be so devastating to her.

I was in my late 30's when she next found one of my skirts, she did my laundry and found a little navy mini that had found it's way in the washing. At that time she decided that I was a 'funny fella'.

My elder brother and sister both have their suspicions and fall into the stereotype traps of male wearing skirt = sexual deviant or homosexual. Poor dears

It is only in the past 20 years or so that I have had more freedom to wear skirts whenever I choose which is virtually all the time I'm not at work - it would be to complex wearing skirts to see my patients and have them, people who are quite unwell, have questions put to them about my skirt wearing.

I will at times go on day trips wearing a skirt. Driving about feels much safer that walking about in a skirt. Of course it isn't, it's just how one feels. I know quite a few men do similar and for the same reason.

As one of my patients said quite recently, society has changed an people are more accepting of men wearing skirts, dresses or dressing in what until quite recently would be considered an unacceptable way.

Since becoming a little more affluent (though not rich by even the wildest stretch of the imagination) I have bought lots of skirts/ dresses and the like to the point that it has become an obsession and I now know why women buy so many clothes yet go to the stuffed wardrobes and say they have nothing to wear.😁. Seriously though, I'm in the process of slimming down my wardrobe as I have lots of clothes (typically seen as both male and female clothes) that no longer fit me - middle age spread happened and no matter how much I say I will slim down and clothes might fit me again, it just ain't gonna happen.

So there you go. A potted intro from - not so sunny - north of Manchester in the North West of England. If you get time, why not put paws to pads and say hi? I tend not to bite - not hard anyway and less frequently than I used to 😁😵‍💫😁
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Re: Hi from 'sunny' Manchester UK

Post by Mouse »

Hi BattyB

I see you were born in the best year, IMHO of course.

You will find many guys on here at all different points of their journey from wearing skirts in secret to wearing skirts for work and every thing in between.

A number of us started out by crossdressing since we didn't realise that a guy could wear skirts and dresses as a guy. This site is to show that guys have total freedom to wear what they like while being guys. Society is slowly changing and the more of us who wear skirts in public the faster things will change.

If you stick around for a bit and comment to forums, you will become a full member, at which point you will be able to see pictures of members out in skirts in the pictures forum.

Welcome aboard

Daily, a happy man in a skirt...
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Re: Hi from 'sunny' Manchester UK

Post by Barleymower »

Welcome BattyB. It sounds like quite a journey you have been on and at times a painful one. I'm sure you will have plenty to contribute here.
You are very welcome.
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Re: Hi from 'sunny' Manchester UK

Post by Fred in Skirts »

Hi BattyB
I to started by by wearing in secret and taking drives in my skirts. The reason I started was because of a medical problem and my doctor said no pants or shorts only open skirts could be worn until I got rid of the problem. I found I loved wearing them and it went from there. I now wear skirts and dresses all of the time and nolonger even own two legged clothes.
Once again welcome to the Cafe!!

"It is better to be hated for what you are than be loved for what you are not" Andre Gide: 1869 - 1951
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Re: Hi from 'sunny' Manchester UK

Post by denimini »

Welcome BattyB and thanks for a good intoduction. I am sure you will fit in well here and will have much to offer.
My name is Anthony, please accept me for the person that I am.
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Re: Hi from 'sunny' Manchester UK

Post by MrSoapsud »

Greetings fellow Mancunian, although I now live in north Wales.
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Re: Hi from 'sunny' Manchester UK

Post by trainspotter48 »

Hi BattyB.
As you become accepted in the cafe you will find there are probably around 20 of us on the UK mainland (I haven't done an accurate count). I did manage to get to a physical meeting in London before Xmas 2023 and it was interesting to see others with a similar view to my own. Hoping you can join us one day.
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Re: Hi from 'sunny' Manchester UK

Post by Midas »

Hi from Rossendale, not a million miles away from you.
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Re: Hi from 'sunny' Manchester UK

Post by TheSkirtedMan »

Hello from N Yorkshire

Glad to hear you persisted despite the negativity.

At least on this forum you can talk with like minded men.

I was told in my earlier days, that urban is more accepting than the rural. I find it the opposite quite honestly and I am very rural. A very small minority of locals are questionable but then they form a group that question anyone that is not of their perfect image! The vast majority are fine, then they know me but quite honestly I am fine out of area, just the odd bemused look but I carry on.

I am skirted as my main clothing unless trousers are more suited for the task and do put myself out in the public domain. Only a small minority will let me know that I am a form of amusement for them, and can count on one hand those who have challenged me in 14 years but I stand my ground. The compliments and acceptance far outweighs the small minority. My previous posts itemise what I get upto skirted.

Carry on building your confidence but it is best to be seen. Stand tall, shoulders back as they say. Only you know your environment so take the appropriate steps.
Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy.
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