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Re: Partners

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Kirbstone wrote: Sat Mar 09, 2024 2:37 am Great care is taken to hide 'evidence', hence only a small store/selection is kept available, so frequent skirted fashion parades are quite out of the question for me, now into my 80s and I am thankful that a few opportunities do still present and MOH is unaware, so the 'boat' sails on steadily.
Hi Tom,
Please believe that I say this with as much empathy as I could possibly muster.
The partner board was put in place in a specific area which was away from the public gaze and your story rightly belongs there.
However, and keeping the maritime analogy, your portrayal of a "happy ship", leaves me feeling very sad and doubtful.
Deep down, my thoughts are that there is a story for Kirbstone to tell.
That is one which really could be of value to the "newbies", a hell of a lot better than the "nobody notices" usually doled out anyway.
You have said in the past that you don't like long screeds of script and what you choose to share is yours alone, but please consider.
Maybe, Dr Stone based in Blarney could assist.
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