Greetings from sunny staffordshire

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Greetings from sunny staffordshire

Post by lithaborn »

I say sunny :lol:

So here's my little story. I'm 49 and I've been wearing kilts since my OH bought me a utilikilt for my 40th.

Been wanting to give one a go for years but finances and availability beat me. Fell in love instantly and discovered a rich seam of cheap tourist/party kilts in Amazon and amassed a bit of a collection.

I think I have five or six at the moment and they all get regular outings - for any reason I can think of! I've worn them shopping a lot, worn them to formal meetings with social services and to school meetings.

I can't work because of a number of long term medical issues but I would be a staunch advocate for skirts in the workplace after too many years of swamp legs and corporate nooses in office settings.

My OH is incredibly supportive. Encouraging, in fact. She points out skirts and dresses are thinks I'd like when we go out and she's bought a fair few of my dresses and nighties. She's a little squeamish about going out with me in a skirt as opposed to kilts that she doesn't bat an eyelid at but on the whole I couldn't ask for a more supportive life partner.

Kilts aside I have a sarong, a little black dress, a couple of midi skirts, a couple of minis, a denim dress that's a bit tight at the moment and a few other pieces.

I also enjoy wearing high leg boots - I have two or three knee highs and a long sought and greatly loved pair of flat heeled thigh boots.

I have been interested in crossdressing in the past and learned to walk in stilettos but I'm not brave enough to do the whole public makeup, fake boobs etc just yet. One day, maybe.

So that's me. Hi.
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Re: Greetings from sunny staffordshire

Post by Sinned »

Hi lithaborn, you'll be welcome here as we are a diverse community, geographically and otherwise. Whilst you may be interested in the whole finery don't think that it's essential to go down that route to wear a skirt. I thought so at the beginning of my journey but very, very quickly learned that it's not me. Delve into previous threads and posts and make your comments. You'll not find a better more supportive and knowledgeable community.
I believe in offering every assistance short of actual help but then mainly just want to be left to be myself in all my difference and uniqueness.
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Re: Greetings from sunny staffordshire

Post by Chirp »

Hello and Welcome
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