Colourful skirts

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Re: Colourful skirts

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To answer your question, its a very simple style, just an A line skirt and the same length front and back. Worn with heels, it's gorgeous, I love it!
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Re: Colourful skirts

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Spirou003 wrote:
Mon Jul 13, 2020 6:07 pm
By seeing your pics the effect you describe seems lightweight, maybe it is more visible when looking physically at the skirt?
It was very difficult to photograph in a way that conveyed the impression it gives.  Imagine a grey skirt in blue light but with a red spotlight shining across it so that the edges of the folds appear red.  From one direction it appears reddish-brown and from another it appears dark blueish.
Anyway, it seems to be a very pleasant skirt to wear and very confortable. If you did it yourself, congratulations, it looks nice ;)
It is a heavy dense material, best suited to Winter; I made it very long and full, with room for a long underskirt to trap lots of warmth.
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