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Re: Mature college student

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Thanks, all you guys, for reflecting your support in different areas.
Socially, a big challenge is the age gap. Most of the students are in their 20's.
Some try to be friendly by talking about their grandparents, who in their 60's are all younger than me.
My own mannerisms are a barrier, too. In my social background, a man is assertive and logical, instead of compliant and emotional. Too often, I will mansplain instead of share values. It's culture, and I'm slowly learning how to talk to the young folks.
I don't think my skirt choice is an issue, because in the college environment, a lot of students are dealing with personal issues of gender, family, and personal values. The school itself has been dealing with this for a few years, for example a lot of washrooms are now single-user and unisex. Some of the professors include "gender issues" in their courses. We have a transgender club.
Sometimes, a student will explain his preference for (anything in their life) because they came from a small town, or their parents were or were not religious, or their sibs are all older. I counter that by saying no, you are what you are, you always were, you always will be. And they have returned that: I wear skirts because that's me.
But their clothing choice is generally boring: dark colours, pants and sweater. Although in Graphic Design, the uniform is touques.
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Re: Mature college student

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Clearly, for you the social aspects of your education is as impactful for both you and your young colleagues as the subject matter. Good for you!
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