Getting there?

General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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Re: Getting there?

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I recall (in the dusty attic of my mind) a comment that we are at a low ebb in "gender policing". That is, society's attempt to enforce rigid gender norms. Which, fortunately, creates a window of opportunity for MIS.
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Re: Getting there?

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compression tights for men have also come a long way, Its now normal to see a guy jogging playing basketball or walking the dog with compression tights and shorts,
My self I have leg probs were I now have to wear compression tights every day, Heath wise they have worked wonders for me, There to hot in summer to wear jeans over them.
Shorts or skirts are more comfortable and you can move way better in them.

This is big part of why u see men with shorts and tights, U see a lot more men switching to cheap kilts.
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Re: Getting there?

Post by ChristineDuckworth »

partlyscot wrote:Define "tights"

Do you mean with feet, or some kind of athletic wear? Solid fabric,that is opaque, or sheer?
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Re: Getting there?

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Anything that suggests sexuality or gender seems to be a tough sell. I’m doing my part, but I won’t hold my breath in anticipation of a significant cultural change. Not, at least, in my lifetime.
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Re: Getting there?

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lazerr wrote:Maybe I'm drifting a bit, but a guy, wearing fancy cowboy boots and strategically ripped jeans asked my why I was wearing a kilt, even though I'm not a Scot. I looked at his boots and replied, why are you wearing cowboy boots, even though you aren't a cowboy, and don't even have a horse. He replied, it's fashionable and he likes the look and feel. I replied, that is exactly why I'm wearing a skirt. He agreed that it was the same thing, just he hadn't seen it before.

I think we are getting there.

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Re: Getting there?

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Hello and welcome, ChristineDuckworth! That's a fine outfit. Please feel free to introduce yourself!
Keep on skirting,

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