R.i.P. Senator John McCain

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R.i.P. Senator John McCain

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Re: R.i.P. Senator John McCain

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It's sad to see anyone go but as a non-American I fail to generate any emotion at his passing. Before looking at the obituary my immediate reaction was that his name was familiar and I had to read the article to realise who he was. I wouldn't impose the news of the deaths of our politicians on this site as you would probably have the same reaction. R.I.P.
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Re: R.i.P. Senator John McCain

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A man of contradictions, happy to upset both the right and left at times. Defended Obama during his Presidential campaign and came out strong against 'enhanced interrogation' (both of which were not appreciated by his base) but was at times on the right of the party on policy. Had the dubious honour of receiving more money from the NRA than any other politician in the US. He was also behind a campaign reform bill (after getting caught up in a political influence scandal).

He'll probably be best remembered as a politician who was prepared to work with the opposition to find common ground on issues. Something that most US (and UK come to think of it) politicians seem not to want to do.

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