Androgynous "garçons"... what else is new?

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Re: Androgynous "garçons"... what else is new?

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Kirbstone wrote:Where in God's name would any bloke actually wear that sort of gear? Outside of a fashion catwalk I can't see for the life of me what use that stuff has.
Ascot races comes to mind, which is a showcase for WOMEN's hats, or perhaps a 'Pride' parade...
Yes, but of course most of what you see on catwalks is never worn anywhere else! ... I find, and yes as dillon says above that isn't the point. I have always found there to be a strange divide in fashion, between the catwalk and the highstreet. I assume the catwalk has a hell of a lot of influence on the highstreet, but where the designers start, untangling the art and making it wearable, I don't know. I think androgyny (or a certain type or androgyny!) is very much 'in' right now in the fashion industry. Though I think it has been with women dressing like boys for a long time. Angyness Deyn, for instance, was perhaps one of the biggest of those. I think it really is just a question of art and expression and beauty. My niece is big into all of this and sometimes if I listen closely I wise up when I am with her. She asked for some posters from here for her birthday a couple of months ago and scrolling through it really hit me how much has changed since I was buying posters for my room! ha! But I suppose that is the way it should be.
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