Vivienne Westwood

News from High Street, for the Fashionistas among us! Couture only here please; if you can buy it off the rack, try another forum.
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Vivienne Westwood

Post by dillon »

I'm posting these links under "Couture" because at the prices, even from (the clearance site), they are well above the credible price range for most of us, I would wager. And most of the garments are, frankly, awful, to boot, IMHO. I found it interesting though, that a "top" retail designer is starting to market a few styles "across the aisle", or at least as "unisex", if I may employ that dreadful term. I didn't see skirts among the men's collection yet, however. But in some of these links you will see the garments on both male and female models.

This "pullover" (sweater? top?) is sort of acceptable, I guess, though I don't care for scoop necks on men, generally, regardless of body type. I couldn't tell whether the male model is wearing a skirt or the Westwood "Ken Trousers", apparently some sort of pleated parachute pants; so use your imaginations: ... l_1_sims_v

Not sure what the point is for this apron-ish shirt, unless your a chef, maybe: ... hirt-green

I guess they're calling this one a shirt-dress. All I can say is it's horrid. Clearly priced for someone with a lot of money and not much brain: ... hirt-black

And now for the truly absurd. The only positive comment I can offer for these pants styles is that no one, upon seeing a man wearing either of these, could ever again say that a man in a skirt looks ridiculous: ... l_1_sims_v ... user-black

I think they call these "Alcoholic" because you'd likely piss yourself while trying to negotiate the offset fly: ... ser-purple

Prison, anyone? : ... lue-stripe

Interior design? : ... ed-wallace

As if "bondage pants" weren't enough, how about a "straight-jacket sweater"?: ... digan-grey

Admittedly, I am from "the sticks." But this fashion just makes me shake my head and wonder what sort of world the consumers of this stuff inhabit.
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Re: Vivienne Westwood

Post by Gordon »

I wouldn't touch any of those even with a 90% off sale.
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Re: Vivienne Westwood

Post by Gusto10 »

Gordon wrote:I wouldn't touch any of those even with a 90% off sale.
There is only one reason top wear these things, being paid to show them to the public.
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Re: Vivienne Westwood

Post by Caultron »

dillon wrote:...this fashion just makes me shake my head and wonder what sort of world the consumers of this stuff inhabit.
There's no accounting for taste.

Perhaps it's the desire to be different, or at least "in" with the latest thing, or to show off how much money you have.
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Re: Vivienne Westwood

Post by r.m.anderson »

Was this posted to make all my New Years resolutions in the (-) NEGATIVE (-) ?

The unmitigated gall to price these abominations with other real fashionable garments !

If this was in Texas I would say "Get a Rope" - Salem MA burn'em at a stake -
anywhere else demand a 'Spanish Inquisition' draw and quarter'em and in
Hawaii throw'em to Pele in the bottom of Kilauea (volcano).

I think I have made my point of utter disgust !
"Kilt-On" -or- as the case may be "Skirt-On" !
Isn't wearing a kilt enough?
Well a skirt will do in a pinch!
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Re: Vivienne Westwood

Post by Disaffected.citizen »

This thread hadn't featured in my "view active topics" for some reason, thus the late comments.

As you likely know Vivienne Westwood is a designer who, in earlier years, collaborated with Malcolm Maclaren. They were instrumental in the British "Punk" scene in the '70s. Her designs have been purposely made to "stick it to the establishment". As for blurring gender lines, this follows her above intentions; this is not a new area of design work for her.

The "clothes" are definitely an acquired taste for the rich. I would only expect to see these in urban or "artsy" areas, e.g.: London - particularly Camden, parts of west London, Soho; New York - not too sure of the various districts, but Greenwich Village comes to mind; and similar districts of major cities worldwide.

I suspect anybody living in a "small town" who wishes to adopt these styles is likely to be looking to move from the small town to their big city.
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Re: Vivienne Westwood

Post by JohnH »

Instead of wearing those abominations of clothing I suggest one go to At least the author of the website really has a sense of fashion. And dresses and other feminine clothing purchased off the rack have got to be much cheaper. After all, why not dress to be a sight for sore eyes rather being an eyesore.

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