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Does anyone here wear a skirt or dress with a train? If so, do you enjoy having to deal with the train as you walk, stand or sit? Has anyone ever stepped on it on purpose? For me the big drawback is that it gets so dirty and has to be washed each time I wear.
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Re: Trains

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I believe that at least one of us here has a skirt with a train on it, and I have a few skirts that can touch the ground if I'm not careful with them.

Very long skirts always run the risk of getting the hems messy, and skirts with trains that are designed to trail behind on the ground are virtually guaranteed to get messy unless one limits his venues to places with very clean floors. Also of note is that any long skirt will tend to drag on stairs as one descends unless gathered up beforehand. This can cause problems, but most folks are very aware of the situation and try remarkably hard not to step on a skirt trailling so.

I've had a couple of near-misses in that regard, even from folks who pay attention, one of which had one co-worker commenting, "Sorry, Carl, I almost stepped on your skirt just then." as a bunch of us were descending a flight of stairs. My boss then commented to the chap, "Only a fool steps on Vader's cloak." My remark was, "You missed. Thank you." and was accompanied by the general laughter from my then boss' comment.

I have occasionally toyed with the notion of acquiring a skirt with a train, but have consistently rejected it as (1) I'm not the world's best housekeeper and (2) I wear my skirts out and about in the rough and tumble world, not in the refined settings of cathedrals and ballrooms where the floors are clean.
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