Demis Roussos RIP

News from High Street, for the Fashionistas among us! Couture only here please; if you can buy it off the rack, try another forum.
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Demis Roussos RIP

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It ahs just been on the news that Demis Roussos has died. From the pictures shown and my own recollections he was perhaps a well-known wearer of dresses although with his size he probably suited a dress more than most. I know that they may not have been called dresses but robes or some such but then as we know with skirts - if it looks like a dress, if it drapes like a dress and it doesn't look like trousers then it must be a dress. Wonderful voice although otherwise I know very little about him really.
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Re: Demis Roussos RIP

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What he wore is called a kaftan.

Here is his obituary from the Guardian- ... is-roussos

Earlier today I was reading part of an interview he did many years ago. He used to give the kaftans away to help raise money for charity and just kept one white one which he wore at home during summer. He said in the interview that he wore them without underwear.
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