British Fashion Show

News from High Street, for the Fashionistas among us! Couture only here please; if you can buy it off the rack, try another forum.
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British Fashion Show

Post by pleated »

Much of this video falls into the "lets make the models look stupid"* category, but there are a couple of skirted garments shown (with trousers of course!)
London calling: menswear on parade in British fashion show - le mag

*After being half-drowned the models are later sent out with their mouths held open with metal clamps.

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Re: British Fashion Show

Post by couyalair »

Yes, more of the usual rubbish, but one very nice beige skirt toward the end.
Had to turn the sound of; couldn't stand the obsessive banging sounds (why do they do this? on radio & tv too there is more and more background "music"/noise while someone is speaking, especially news ans documentary programs; it really annoys me.)


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Re: British Fashion Show

Post by tartansmith »

the pink bunny hat one was bizaare!

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Re: British Fashion Show

Post by STEVIE »

I think a small reminder, may be in order here.
The guys in these shots are paid to be "tailors' dummies". They are totally instructed in how they should convey a particular look.
I'd wonder how many of them share our particular ideas of fashion freedom.
Personally, if anyone ever offered me payment to wear a skirt, I'd be fairly happy to oblige.
I'd draw a line at trousers as underwear though.

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