New York fashion week

News from High Street, for the Fashionistas among us! Couture only here please; if you can buy it off the rack, try another forum.
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New York fashion week

Post by skirtyscot »

Skirts for men again. Quite wearable compared with most haute couture men's skirts. Follow the links for more. ... k-reviewed
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Re: New York fashion week

Post by STEVIE »

Hi S.S.
That does look like a better offering, more believable, still dread the price.
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Re: New York fashion week

Post by crfriend »

Quite honestly, I did not see a single look in that mix that I would even consider wearing -- not even a one. Blah!
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Re: New York fashion week

Post by Sinned »

Even the comments weren't that encouraging!
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Re: New York fashion week

Post by Caultron »

I can't imagine anyone wearing those clothes. But haute couture isn't about everyday wear; it's about originality, art, and people flaunting what expensive clothes they can afford.
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Re: New York fashion week

Post by JRMILLER »

I realize I am reacting as badly as some of the people who see me in a skirt, but this all looks "metro-sexual" to me and there's nothing there that interests me.....

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Re: New York fashion week

Post by Damian »

Don't really like the looks with the skirts but it is good to see that the skirts are coming back at the fashion weeks. I've always loved the designer marc jacobs, he wears skirts and it always so good!
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Re: New York fashion week

Post by Kirbstone »

Spotted these recently, but I suspect they're not new.
widmens sk m..jpg
and They're not going anywhere either, that's for sure.

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Re: New York fashion week

Post by r.m.anderson »

Space age Skirted Tunics ?
The center apron neatly hides whether these are true skirts/tunic dresses.
Could possibly have a short shorts underneath the apron ?

Gots to be rather uncomfortable with the tight fitting chest/bust arm hole structure.

Strange the frilly detailing on the top of the boots - sort of expected sandals instead of the boots ???

Interesting to find out the time frame this was photographed - circa what ???

BUT hey YES I like the short hem line - just my cup of tea !
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