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Sensa Nostra

Post by skirtingtoday »

Here is an article from an online magazine that "offers modern and alternative ways of thinking" They "are opening a door, leading society to a better understanding of its rich variety of thoughts and beliefs. It is a break from ordinary and mainstream news, created to deliver the real essence of our world."

Here is their article on man in skirt

More of this please!
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Re: Sensa Nostra

Post by SkirtedViking »

Nice article - "Recently I plucked up the courage to occasionally wear women’s clothes, or perhaps what you might deem women’s clothes. It’s something I’ve thought about for a while. I always thought it was unfair that women can wear anything they like, yet men’s fashion is very restricted, and honestly often boring. In the interest of equality I should be allowed to wear what I like."
There is nothing worse than double standard!


Re: Sensa Nostra

Post by robinz »

You're so right, men are so down trodden by oppressive sexism.

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