Man skirt review

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Man skirt review

Post by skirtingtoday »

Not sure if this was noticed by the members here but I found this link. The article is generally positive and a bit tongue-in-cheek but the pictures are good. Any comments? ... ice-skirt/
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Re: Man skirt review

Post by crfriend »

The article is definitely positive in tone. I like it!

It's got a good mix of straightness and humour to it, and of the photography is interesting (if the completely emaciated models can be ignored -- damn I wish they'd stop using stick figures). Will it make any sort of a difference? Who knows.
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Re: Man skirt review

Post by couyalair »

Yes, nice little article, but I can't agree with Carl's assessment.
I found the photos quite uninteresting and unflattering for the sad-looking model.
Nor could I see the stick figures he mentioned.
The kind of photos that are posted on the Men's skirt facebook page are much more attractive -- and consistently elicit a strong reponse from a bunch of women (raised in nunnery, methinks!) -- men that stand up straight and look proud to be skirted.

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Re: Man skirt review

Post by straightfairy »

I too liked the article and I couldn't see any 'emaciated' figures either; slim yes, but not skinny.
The 'sad-looking model'? That's how he'll have been told to look for each individual shot.

The shirtless muscular black guy sure as anything wasn't sad-looking.
We should focus on the positive nature of the article and not the little bits that we individually dislike about it.
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