Rebel Skirt

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Rebel Skirt

Post by Juan »


American Rebel
Fiasco Magazine

Editorialist James M Rosenthal
Photography Shannon Sinclair
Grooming Mark Anthony, Andy Starkweather
Model Cole Mohr

Over the last few months, Iv'e come across several fashion editorials entitled "Rebels" (in some way or another). In every single one of them, what the young fashion rebels seem to be revolting against is the tyranny of outmoded, dull menswear.
Their ultimate act of uprising seems to be the inclusion of garments traditionally assigned to the other sex, such as this nice skirt.

I published another pic at mi blog:
The rest of the spread, published by Fiasco Mag (, doesn't include any more skirts.

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Re: Rebel Skirt

Post by skirted_in_SF »

I love pleated skirts. Too bad they didn't show the whole length.
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Re: Rebel Skirt

Post by Mugs-n-such »

This is a little late, Juan, I know, so I just hope you are still here! That is a great look, imo. And if I could afford it, I sure would like a skirt like that. It looks like it's at least knee length, maybe longer. Great!
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