I'm back

News from High Street, for the Fashionistas among us! Couture only here please; if you can buy it off the rack, try another forum.
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I'm back

Post by Juan »

Yes, I'm back... the "fashionista" of the group is back with his over-the-top pics taken from the world of haute-couture. I've been quite busy these past three months, but now I hope I can allow myself a bit of time to post again.

Please bear in mind that most of the pics I post are not "street fashion" (meaning what "real" people might actually wear out there in the "real" world), but rather bold attempts by designers and stylists to spice up the ever-so-dull mens wardrobe. Yes, some push the envelope a bit too hard. But, can you hold back creativity? Or should you?


Boys will be boys, editorial published by "Vanity Teen"

Stylist David Carrasquillo
Photography Jason Kim
Grooming Charlotte Bentley
Models Ethan James, Ian O'Brien


Just two pics taken from a beautiful, and yes, quite androgynous editorial. The boys, the title states, are not trying to pass as girls, though, so I guess I'm not braking any forum rules.

Probably those looks are not a for all of us, but the images can be appreciated from a purely artistic point of view.
More pics at my blog: http://newmalefashion.blogspot.com

My best regards to all!

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Re: I'm back

Post by Since1982 »

The boys, the title states, are not trying to pass as girls,
Maybe not, but that first one, in white, with what looks like padded hips to fill out the female looking buttocks and waist, does look more female than male from the waist down. By the way, is that a throw cushion on his head? hehehehe...
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Re: I'm back

Post by crfriend »

Juan -- it's good to read you again. I hope things are going well.
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Nice but too femme for my taste...

Post by jeanfor »

I thought the first guy was a girl... OK I know it is fashion...
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Re: I'm back

Post by SkirtedViking »

I like them both - they do no look like girls.Nice style on both guys,especially number one.
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Re: I'm back

Post by RavenTao »

SkirtedViking wrote:I like them both - they do no look like girls.Nice style on both guys,especially number one.
The sure do look like girls to me. But at least they do it well.
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