For the modern knight

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For the modern knight

Post by Juan »

For all of you, modern-day Samurais, Crusaders and chivalric warriors of the streets: young designer Kim Choong-Wilkins, a recent graduate from the Royal College of Art, has already devised the emblems of your knighthood.

Bodybound, his spring 2010 collection, includes beautiful Katama like trousers and, of course, skirts, as well as close-knitted, laminated or studded armour-like tops with wide shoulders and Ninja cloaks.
More pics in my blog:

Take care!
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Re: For the modern knight

Post by Bob »

Hmm.... I think it's visually unbalanced, with too much down below and not enough on top.

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Re: For the modern knight

Post by Wonderful Electric »

with men's typically wider shoulders, a heavier bottom balances that. i like these looks.

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Re: For the modern knight

Post by Skirt Chaser »

Looking at the picture my first thought was that the boots are too thick and take away from the skirt, as does the prominent zipper. Not sure what I'd prefer to see on the model's feet but it was a heavy bottom. Gotta be glad designers are working with male skirt designs though!

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Re: For the modern knight

Post by Different_Trains »

I love the look and would certainly wear it! I usually wear big boots with my kilts and skirts anyway.

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Re: For the modern knight

Post by r1g0r »

i'd definitely wear this, but i'd probably add a shirt. either open as a top layer, or closed under the vest.

from what little i can tell about the boots, i think they look great. i'd love to see a better photo of them, i can't be certain of anything specific about them.

thanks for the picture, juan!
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Re: For the modern knight

Post by Since1982 »

Skirt Chaser said: Gotta be glad designers are working with male skirt designs though!
That's true, what a lot of us do wish though is some normal manly looking day job working skirts for general usage and not things that look like an escapee from an Art Neveau(sp.) display. The women didn't start in trousers wearing heavy makeup, very expensive silks and extreme colors that would only be worn at fancy parties in Millionaire digs. They started in heavy duty overalls doing the men's jobs in factories during World War 2, while their men were fighting the Germans and Japanese. Later, they feminized the clothing, but that took over 40 years to standardize. I just don't think most men looking for a new style of clothing are ready for thousand dollar outfits to wear at work or to their son/daughter's soccer game.

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Re: For the modern knight

Post by Rich_L »

This is something like what I've been looking for, and I too would wear a shirt under it.
What I have been finding look more like night shirts

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