Stealth dress

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Re: Stealth dress

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Sorry beachlion, another one.
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Re: Stealth dress

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Actually, dresses that have contrasting bodices and skirts have been around for quite awhile.

About a week ago, I debuted a Tory Burch, who is a very popular and appropriately-priced designer, (Of course, I bought it on a resale site.) dress that made me think of your "Stealth Dress." It has a black, 100% wool skirt and a cream colored, 100% silk bodice. It looked as good on me as the photo in the listing and it's a delight to wear. It fits well. The bodice is made of a heavy weave of silk with a satin finish so, thankfully, it pairs well with the skirt. I work in a very drafty, old building that's been modernized inside, but it's still always chilly if not downright cold. The dress was the perfect antidote.
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