A pencil skirt

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Re: A pencil skirt

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KenCT wrote:Daryl wrote:
Discovering the joys of the pencil skirt (or just a narrow straight skirt) has convinced me that stretch fabric is more than a cheap shortcut.
Agree - one of my favorites is a straight stretch corduroy miniskirt. Even at 42 cm long, I need the stretch to walk and climb stairs comfortably.
I made a knee-length straight skirt in a cotton print; to allow normal movement, I put an inverted box pleat in the back. It's a separate rectangular piece of the same material sewn in just like an additional panel, except that it only goes halfway up from the hem. Above the 'spliced-in' pleat, the seam is closed in the normal way. I had to add 'boning' (actually, a piece of thick nylon fishline, the kind used in grass trimmers) inside the hem of the wide panel of the pleat. Needs careful pressing, but it functions.
One of my pencil skirts has a box pleat ether side of the central rear hem....In design ,the size of the
box pleat can be increased to increase the freedom of movement provided by the hem.
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Re: A pencil skirt

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I made some pictures of the latest pencil skirt with the back pleat. I have enhanced the detail of the back to show the pleat.
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Re: A pencil skirt

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Nice work, beachlion; well fitted and a good look.
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