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Something I've been doing

Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 4:03 pm
by jolt_34500
Its been a while since I've posted as I have been busy with many other things, like homesteading and bushcraft, ie using techniques from the 17th century or earlier and applying them to today. One thing I looked at was the wrap skirt, I placed it in sewing, except not much sewing if any involved. One of the concepts here, how many uses can I get from a single item. I chose this concept as the cloth not only can be worn as a skirt, but as a ground cloth, used as a makeshift bag, the list goes on. When not used, these can be rolled very easily and stored not taking up too much space. How I generally fasten this, when I bought the fabric, I also purchased some skirt pins and some blanket pins come to think of it, however these are not required, I also use a piece of rope cut to a ten foot length, then I fold that in half creating a five foot loop belt and tied in such a manner. When worn these ways, I then roll down the top around the waist. The idea obviously isn't new, nothing I invented, but spurred from two ideas, one the the sarong worn by both men and women around the world, the other comes from the use of a wool blanket used as a match coat in the winter, something the Native Americans did centuries ago. Any sewing for this is pretty simple as all you would need to do is sew the edges to make it look a little cleaner. This can be accomplished using hand needles and thread. Also, the wool blanket can also do this, there is a youtube video showing how this can be done. I mention that as I keep a wool blanket and an important part of my kit.