first attempt at sewing

For those do-it-yourselfers...
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first attempt at sewing

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Since we are snowed in today (remember that here we seldom get snow and the local governments don't do much in the way of snow removal; plus we have two and a half inches of snow atop an inch and a half of ice (sleet) and the high temperature today was 25 F, the low tonight to be 9 F, so no melting happening at all...I won't even venture out in my 4WD pickup) I played with my daughter's sewing machine on a small project: making a "Jack-inspired" dress for the beach. It may be laughable to you experienced thread-meisters, but for a ham-handed wood-splitter like me, it is a matter of minor pride. It is nothing more that the cutting and splicing of a 3-pack of "wifebeater" undershirts to make a long tank dress. The fabric is too thin for anything beyond the beach, but for an investment of about $10 and 30 minutes time, I am not ashamed to show it off!

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Re: first attempt at sewing

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INot bad for the first try. I trying my hand at sewing a skirt.
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