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Re: Conversions?

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Grok wrote:I cut off the strip of cloth. It gets quite hot in my apartment during the summer, and one way to cool off is wear the next best thing to being naked. And a shorter length helps.
The cutting left a very thin strip of cloth behind. Finally got around to removing it.

Since I basically sewed the bottom of the shirt shut, this has been quite a simple project. It is a good project for a beginner.

In my mind I call the resulting garment a "shirt dress".

Worn indoors it is a very comfortable garment, especially if you are bare foot. Works well as a house dress. However, as the hem is above the knee, I would worry about exposure if I were to wear it outdoors.

Note about Skirtmanship-as I sit I find myself lifting the hem at the front, because it wants to catch on my knees.
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