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Re: Sewing dvd's

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Once you have learned basic sewing and can confidently produce straight lines running parallel to the edge of the material, the rest is a never-ending and fascinating process of self-teaching. The type of material is very important; however skilled you might be, the finished garment will not look right if you have used unsuitable material. Stretchy material is very difficult to work with, so steer clear of that.

Buy some skirts from charity shops and see how they are machined - especially the order in which things are put together so that the rough edges of the panels are concealed by the hems and waistbands. Nearly everything is sewn inside-out, so the stitching is concealed when it is turned. With the limited clearance of a domestic sewing machine, try to sew from the direction that puts the bulk of the garment away from the machine, so you don't have to stuff it all through a small space while you are trying to keep a straight line and avoiding stitching through the wrong layers at the same time (we've all done it).

If you want to have a go at designing your own skirt, this website may help you.
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