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Blue linen Skirt.

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 9:14 am
by Jack Williams
This came with three belt loops of two x 3/8" wide strips sewn from same linen material. On the waist band was sewn a platted "belt" of the same "loop" made strip part-way round.
The material is light, but quite crinkled, giving a thicker appearance, and is rather too stiff for the weight, giving not very good hang or swing, unless wet.
Solution: Unpick hem around and sew in brass washers etc about 2" apart all the way round. They were just right. It now swings like a Scotsman's dream as I walk down the street. But is light and cool.
Next was to remove the platted rope, giving me a very good 1/2" waist-band, and the right stuff to make three more belt loops, one each side of their centre back one, above the vertical seams, and a twin one centre front by the Mickey Mouse buttons.
It is now really well supported all round with my usual old leather belt. I am making, though, it's own belt from Army Surplus webbing.
It'll be a favourite for sure.
In the photo, I just gave it a bit of a sway to flow it out a bit.