Skirts from shirts?

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Skirts from shirts?

Postby Milfmog » Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:18 pm

Here's an idea for making a skirt from cheap starting materials. Has anyone here tried this? How did you get on?

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Re: Skirts from shirts?

Postby Skirt Chaser » Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:54 pm

Oh I like that. Being without a sewing machine these days and lazy anyway I started playing around with a junk shirt and realized a few things. Keep the shirt whole and fold the shirt over at arm level makes a good apron with the arms as the ties. It also would give you a quick glance if the finished skirt would be a look you are after. One of those in front and the other in back makes a quick pseudoskirt if the shirts have enough overlap on the sides. I also tried making a slit across the back only from arm hole to arm hole then stepped inside that, folded the collar down inside the front and again tied the arms at the waist in back and it worked okay. (This was after trying the collar end up making a strapless dress on me of the full shirt tied in back, an idea I might find a use for sometime as a costume.) I should play dress up more often. This was fun! :D

Do sew up the button area at least toward the top because your shirts are going to be taking strain they weren't built for. That might also help counteract the waves that form in the button strip when sitting.
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