First, Skirts Vanish. Now, Tights

Discussion of fashion elements and looks that are traditionally considered somewhat "femme" but are presented in a masculine context. This is NOT about transvestism or crossdressing.
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First, Skirts Vanish. Now, Tights

Post by jamodu »

Over recent years, the option for buying Skirts in-store has rapidly diminished. Lately, amid the rows and rows of Women's Trousers in my local M&S was a solitary stand with a very small selection of Skirts.

Now, Tights are similarly disappearing in-store. On visiting M&S yesterday, where there was once an entire section of the store devoted to displaying a wide variety of Tights, it is now replaced by a single small double-sided display rack with a small selection of Tights. I observed that the significant display of Leggings appears to have replaced Tights in Women's affection.

Similarly, my local John Lewis store has reduced its significant Tights section with a single double-sided display stand. One side is completely devoted to Wolford, while the other side has a reduced selection of other brands.

House of Fraser is no different.

It looks like our only option for buying Tights now resides online.
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Re: First, Skirts Vanish. Now, Tights

Post by r.m.anderson »

YES - tights (pantyhose) are rapidly being replaced with leggings -
Leggings can be worn in lieu of tights -
Leggings cost less than tights in terms of the longevity of the garment -
Have just as many possible color texture combinations as tights -
Great deal more functional durability - less prone to runs snags -
HIgh waisted leggings can better serve weight loss clothing (aka control top) -
AND simply can be worn (by some folks) as outer wear.

The demise of tights is not in the same race of that of skirts -
Skirts are gradually being replaced with pocketed shorts skirts aka SKORTS -
Thinking more along the line of athletic clothing -
But true the raiding of the men's aisle of pants continues with no end in sight -
Unless the event is formal - pants are the norm of the daily wear
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Re: First, Skirts Vanish. Now, Tights

Post by Sinned »

Well the decline won't bother me as I will simply make my own. I have over 100 skirts to act as patterns. Charity shops are a source of material and can be dyed, if necessary. There's always charity shops, ebay, gumtree and others.

As for tights, I have loads of pairs and recently my wife gave me all her American Tan ( colour ) tights that she used to wear before she married me and early in our marriage. All new. I have colours and thick tights. I'll not be shopping for any for a long time.
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Re: First, Skirts Vanish. Now, Tights

Post by Ray »

Tights are now sold online. It’s obvious. It’s not something you need to try on. Therefore internet sales are perfect.

I miss the days of browsing large hosiery departments, but these days are gone.
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Re: First, Skirts Vanish. Now, Tights

Post by STEVIE »

With skirts it is fashion and the move to home/hybrid working.
The range of dresses has also increased in relation.
Tights are similar to skirts but as Ray says, lend themselves well to internet shopping too.
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Re: First, Skirts Vanish. Now, Tights

Post by JeffB1959 »

I wouldn't say skirts are vanishing, that all depends on where you look, some stores have them on display, others don't. As for tights, if by that, you mean pantyhose, I can't answer that since I haven't worn hosiery on anything resembling a regular basis in years. In my neck of the woods, when cold weather arrives, I sometimes opt for leggings to keep my legs warm, even when I wear a short skirt.
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Re: First, Skirts Vanish. Now, Tights

Post by lithaborn »

I'm skint and don't have access to a sewing machine or the skill to use one so I'm stuck with places like Primark and pep&co. I looked around both yesterday as I'm in the market for a denim skirt and was pretty despirited by the general lack of any kind of skirt in either.

I was in Birmingham UK so had access to the biggest Primark in the world and their hosiery department is always a delight with a good selection of patterned tights, stockings, matching bra & knicker sets and more. I pop in and have a browse every time I'm in the city.

Skirts though, you really have to hunt for them.
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Re: First, Skirts Vanish. Now, Tights

Post by Chirp »

In my area stores still have good amount of skirts and tights
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Re: First, Skirts Vanish. Now, Tights (Pantyhose)

Post by shadowfax »

The original poster of this thread, linked the shortage of skirts in UK clothing outlets to a reduction in the different varieties of tights (pantyhose) out on display.

I wonder if the reduction in the variety of tights (pantyhose) out on display might be down to the unseasonably warm British summer daytime temperatures this year?
On the hottest days, few folks either wearing skirts or dresses, would venture out in hose IMHO?
I myself have gone out skirted, bare-legged on those hot days as tights (pantyhose) were too warm.
Maybe clothing outlets noticed this trend too and reacted to it?

I suspect that as temperatures start to drop as autumn (fall) approaches then UK clothing outlets will expand the range of tights (pantyhose) out of display again even if the shortage of skirts remains.
Tights (pantyhose) work well with dresses or skirts on chillier days in autumn (fall) IMHO. :wink: :)
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Re: First, Skirts Vanish. Now, Tights

Post by mishawakaskirt »

Then it is very clear what a skirt and tights wearing male must do.

One must go stock up on as many skirts as possible.

That way when the trousered zombie apocalypse begins we will have sufficient skirt stock ( zombie hunting is a dirty afair) to take to the streets in our skirted finery bashing the undead hordes while in comfort and style.

Not all super heroes wear trousers.
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Re: First, Skirts Vanish. Now, Tights

Post by jamie001 »

mishawakaskirt wrote:
Mon Sep 05, 2022 8:44 pm

Not all super heroes wear trousers.
Yes, my superhero is supergirl!
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Re: First, Skirts Vanish. Now, Tights

Post by phathack »

I found a brand of Tights that wear like Iron but they are expensive.
I have stocked up on them and have not had to replace them in years.
I wear them all winter long under Skirts and Dresses.
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Re: First, Skirts Vanish. Now, Tights

Post by rivegauche »

These days I wear mainly dresses and there are lots if these around. I would agree that skirts and tights are getting scarcer. The go to places for tights for me were always department stores but these are now scarce too - in Scotland they are extinct north of the Central Belt. I have hundreds of pairs of tights of all sorts and colours. Most opaques are fairly durable but I ruin a pair of sheer tights about once a week. I have about 50 pairs of sheer tights still in the packs as I stock up on all my visits to the south. Yes you can still buy multi-packs from supermarkets but mots of my sheer tights cost around a fiver each -you get what you pay for and these are just so superior in quality compared with multi-packs. I have a few pairs of Wolford that I got in sales and they combine quality with durability - but I can't bring myself to pay £20 for a pair of tights at full price no matter how good they are.
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Re: First, Skirts Vanish. Now, Tights

Post by Uncle Al »

This is half of the main picture on

I like this "suit" and it would look good, no GREAT on anyone :D
Skirt Suit JPG 2022-09-18.jpg
I would love to have one :D :kiltdance:
(It would need to be a longer skirt for me :oops: )

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