A new gateway garment?

Discussion of fashion elements and looks that are traditionally considered somewhat "femme" but are presented in a masculine context. This is NOT about transvestism or crossdressing.
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Re: A new gateway garment?

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FranTastic444 wrote:
Mon Jun 21, 2021 12:49 am
I just cannot fathom why so many people expect men’s shorts to go down to the knee, but for women it is totally acceptable to go much shorter.
I'm with you all the way there. The knee-length men's shorts that fill the shops these days look ridiculous and feel all wrong. I feel swamped wearing them. No thanks. Short shorts for me, whether men's or (usually) womens. They feel great and are cool on a hot day when working. My wife sometimes comments that they are a bit short, but that's all.
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Re: A new gateway garment?

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Short shorts are nice.
No need for big shorts.

I wear typical 'womens' styled shorts - but I choose them because of their tailoring. I also love the look of a short with a back zip or a flared short that flares from the waist and sits up high - like an aline skirt I suppose - but shortish hemline. Very nice to wear and they're practical.

they look awesome paired with a jacket too - dress tailored shorts and a dress shoe. A neat look.

Enough about shorts though.... aren't they the devil?

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Re: A new gateway garment?

Post by phathack »

I just wear a simple A-Line knee-length skirt instead of knee-length shorts.
If I'm wearing shorts they are usually mid-thigh in length, 5"-9" inseam.
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