"What was up with those giant Victorian skirts?"

Discussion of fashion elements and looks that are traditionally considered somewhat "femme" but are presented in a masculine context. This is NOT about transvestism or crossdressing.
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Re: "What was up with those giant Victorian skirts?"

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I had a Victorian dress from Amazon one time, was blue satin with a black ruffled underskirt. Absolutely loved wearing it around the house, with a hoop skirt or not. I had a 6-hoop crinoline that would hold the dress out to a magnificent circumference around me, and in all honesty it was easy enough for me to go about basic day-to-day stuff in (and it felt amazing). I even managed to sneak off into the woods several times in it (thank goodness for living in a semi-rural location), had no issue walking around and having a wonderful time. They're easier to walk in than a floor-sweeper on uneven terrain because the hoop keeps the hem away from your legs and feet and lets you walk fairly normally (so long as it's not sweeping the floor). Even managed to step on the stones across the creek behind the house without completely squishing the hoops to a more manageable position. Sitting down in them was easy enough, the hoops are quite forgivable. Definitely not something I'd wear in public, but so much fun for around-the-house.
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Re: "What was up with those giant Victorian skirts?"

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"Had"? What happened?

I've been out and about in my long skirts with a hoop (see "Tales from the Brotherhood of the Hoop") with decent results. I've received some ribbing on the matter -- as would be expected -- but never any real negativity.

Hoops are definitely a lot of fun to wear.
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