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Postby Gusto10 » Thu Aug 01, 2019 6:13 am

Daryl wrote:
Gusto10 wrote:As to a variation in heel height, I would think that such could be advisable for reason that your body is not always in the same position and thus that your joints and spine will not be subjected to wear and tear at (almost) the same place. And why again question are they considered as womenswear whilst heels were "stolen" by women from men to start of with?
As most retailors of heeled shoes don't go beyond size 11(US-w), I did try Pleaser and its other labels. Eventhough ordering the same size, never the right size, either to big or to small. There are some German and French companies which carry larger sizes, but those shoes/boots do tend to be a reminder of Streetlife instead of daily wear.

Yes, I think variation from the same position is definitely part of the benefit. When not wearing heels I tend to lock my knees back when standing but with heels I stay sprung, and the angle of that varies from shoe to shoe. Starting last year I wore boots and booties with 2.25 and 2.5 inch heels all winter and spring. This summer I have been spending a lot of time in 3.5 inch heels, plus some shoes with heels about the same height as the aforementioned booties. I think decades of always standing with knees locked back in that one position is probably a big contributor to my current knee problems, which can be downright debilitating on bad days (which only get more frequent as I get older). My mobility has increased dramatically because of the heels, and my wife attests that my posture and general gait is better when I have heels on.

I do recall having read somewhere a medical report that heels help to train the muscles in the lower abdomen and thus less the chance of incontinence.
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