Cuban Heels

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Re: Cuban Heels

Postby Knickson » Sun May 19, 2019 8:50 pm

dillon wrote:
weeladdie18 wrote:I read in the sunday press that the Persian Horsemen were the first to wear boots with heels to prevent their
footwear coming out of their stirrups.......

With the over grazing of the Argentinian Grasslands ,..............................
the Spanish cowboys moved North to Texas with their Spanish Guitars

The Cuban heeled boot became popular with the Wild West Horsemen

The Stilleto Heeled Shoe is loosing popularity with the female shoe fashion scene

So there you have the latest on the shoe fashion scene

Since you’re not of the Americas, allow me to correct a couple things. Spanish vaqueros did not migrate from Argentina to Texas. People of at least partial Spanish ancestry have lived in Texas since the 1600s and Spanish explorers were traversing Texas and the eastern US since before Sir Walter Raleigh was born. But somehow the Anglo-driven history of the New World overlooked them, and even the Viking marauders like Leif Ericsson, who reached the Maritimes in thr 1300s. Second, there is a difference between the fashion Cuban heels and traditional working western boots. Third, the traditional footwear of Argentinian gauchos is the alpargata, or espadrille, though a cruder handmade version, something a gaucho would have cut and stitched for himself after curing the hide of a slaughtered cow. Just some educational points.
Leif Ericsson was around the year 1000 , not the 1300 `s!
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Re: Cuban Heels

Postby nzfreestyler » Sat May 25, 2019 3:45 am

to answer the original question... yes I think cuban heels would serve as a gateway into heels.
It all depends what you like to wear, and you get used to heels, just as you do a skirt.
Just like the variety of skirts out there, there is a diverse array of heeled shoes.

good luck...and enjoy the fashion freedom.
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