A Basic Wardrobe...

Discussion of fashion elements and looks that are traditionally considered somewhat "femme" but are presented in a masculine context. This is NOT about transvestism or crossdressing.

A Basic Wardrobe...

Postby Darryl » Tue Sep 26, 2017 7:17 pm

    T-shirt (White, grey, black)
    Camisole (White, black, navy, blush, etc - silk is best)
    Button Down Shirt (Usually white)
    Simple Sweater
    Turtleneck (Great for layering and transitioning to fall/winter)

    Skinny Jeans
    Leather Pants
    Pencil Skirt

    Little Black Dress
    Slip Dress

    Denim Jacket
    Leather Jacket

Borrowed from a ladie's list, but just wondered what a Skirt Café Essentials list might come up as. :P
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Re: A Basic Wardrobe...

Postby crfriend » Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:31 pm

Darryl wrote:[That was b]orrowed from a ladie's list, but just wondered what a Skirt Café Essentials list might come up as. :P

OK, I'm game, so I'll take a cut at it. If I wanted to put together a cogent collection of stuff from the get-go instead of the accretion of stuff I have now here's what I'd go for. As always, season to taste because mine may not be yours.

  • Dress shirts (enough colours to work with in addition to white and black) to last at least a week before needing to do laundry
  • Cardigan (in some neutral colour that can go with much
  • Sweater for when it's cold
  • At least one fancy shirt with ruffles or even lace (colour to taste)

  • Dress trousers (sooner or later you'll need these)
  • Roughly knee-length (or longer) full A-line skirts for everyday wear
  • One or two very long formal skirts (very likely black as it goes with everything)
  • Short skirts for knocking about on the weekends and other casual circumstances

  • At least one plain black shirt-dress and possibly additional ones with colour.
  • A jumper or two

  • Blazer, colour negotiable, possibly pinstriped, single- or double-breasted (try to match dress trousers)
  • Waistcoats in assorted colours, both single- and double-breasted (at least one to go with the blazer)
  • Trench-coat, preferably in a neutral colour and possibly of a military-looking design (great-coats are wonderful in this role, and epaulettes are astonishingly useful)

  • Time-pieces, either wrist-watches or pocket-watches according to personal taste
  • Belts to match shoes (on guys the leather bits are still supposed to match)
  • Simple rings (carrying meaning or not)
  • Lapel pins (more than one at a time actually works, either symmetrically or asymmetrically)
  • Other bits to personal taste for things like hair or earrings

I'd also add in at least one suit -- especially if you have to deal with officious types more often than once or twice a year -- and hosiery (coloured or not, opaque or sheer depending on situation; bare legs are for very casual times only). When I had my life unravel in 2015 I wish I'd had a suit. As it was, I had to scramble to find dress trousers that fit, and one does not need that sort of problem when already very highly stressed.

On the suit: If you can find fabrics, colours, and patterns that are close you may be able to mix/match the jacket and a skirt in addition to the already matching trousers, although watch this as things may wear at differing rates and start to look mismatched.
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Re: A Basic Wardrobe...

Postby Darryl » Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:15 pm

Okay, I didn't see any other ladies replying to that thread and Quora, so I used the time to consider what I have and would like to add:

• Dress Shirts (white, black, light and dark blue)
• Camisole (white, black, navy, blush, etc. - soft and drapy, silk perhaps) (some with, some without a shelf bra if I can find the right fit)
• Compression top, preferably in more than black
• A fancy shirt with ruffles and/or lace if I can match it with period costume even better)
• Turtleneck (I already get good mileage here with red, black, white, grey/black striped)

• Skinny jeans for work parties and so on
• Suit/dress pants for when I must
• Shorts (above the knee, certainly, 6-9" inseam
• A black maxi
• A black midi
• Various pencil skirts, A-line, etc. that run from the knee up to about 2" above the knee
• Throw in various belted, pocketed, with fly items in the skirt department If I like them
• A few miniskirts or just a tad longer
• Running and workout skirts (like gym shorts)

• A supply of support hose (suntan, beige, midnight black, blue, white - match skirts)
• A supply of tights for cooler weather (midnight black, blue, white)
• A supply of leggings (leather-look, lace, patterned - mostly in midnight black)
• A supply of fleece-lined tights and leggings for the really cold weather

• A little red dress (with a V-neck, so I have to wear a turtleneck or something under it…or at least want to)
• A sweater dress (black, burgundy) with scoop necks (see above)
• Something shirt-like, suit-like...if I see it and it likes me....

• Sweater (neutral, mixable with suit jacket/blazer)
• 2 Suits (Navy, charcoal gray)
• Blazer (Navy, olive, black, gray)
• Overcoat (black)
• Raincoat (black)

• Black Brooks walkers
• Black corfam (fake patent leather) dress shoes
• Brown ankle boots (3" heels, I just saw some with 1.5" that I have to try)
• Mary Janes (flats) something with a strap, ankle strap maybe a slight tilt/heel as well as flat

• A longer chain so I can wear my Celtic cross without choking, maybe some other neutral neckwear
• Maybe something that can be attached to a jacket, blouse, sweater - broach?
• Bracelet of some kind
• Whips, chains....errrrr....oops, wrong forum.... :twisted:

Okay, will have to think longer about 'bling.' I still have trouble with the red dress, but I got it real cheap, and want to stay somewhere halfway between manly on the right and maybe halfway towards womanly on the left...but no doubt still a guy having fun.

Now if we could bottle whatever SkirtsDad uses...or OldSalt1...or JeffB1959.... :mrgreen:
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Re: A Basic Wardrobe...

Postby Kirbstone » Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:14 pm

Work: I wear protective overalls, so under these anything goes......However, Dark trews, formal shirt & tie plus Jacket & polished shoes for professional meetings/consultations. Wear under overalls.....trews, tee-shirt, tank top in Winter.

Gardening: Tough trews/shirt/short jacket plus gauntlets & boots for nettles, thistles &c. Otherwise shorts or pocketed short skirt & tee. trainers

Leisure: Knee-length skirt, A-line or full, preferably with pockets. Kilt, shirt, jumper. Shorts & Tee. trainers or sandals

Sailing: Med : Shorts & Tee, 24/7. N.Atlantic, Bright coloured Musto waterproof sailing bottom & top with hood and harness if required. rubberised boots.

Rowing: One-piece lycra, Tee, gilet (tight tank top), w/proof club top, tight bottoms in winter, shoes in boat Flip-flops to get there.

Bed: Birthday suit, warm woolly pyjamas, loose shorts & tee, depending on sheets and company.

Bling: a wristwatch & wedding ring, otherwise absolute Zero.

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