Has the attention on transgendered individuals helped us?

Discussion of fashion elements and looks that are traditionally considered somewhat "femme" but are presented in a masculine context. This is NOT about transvestism or crossdressing.
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Re: Has the attention on transgendered individuals helped us?

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I think we are in danger of losing our reasons:

Why were public toilets built?  To offer an alternative to the problem of people urinating and defecating in public places.  They were not built as refuges for women being abused by men and they offer no safety in that respect; neither were they built to allow women to adjust their makeup or hold private conversations.  By concentrating on imaginary fears about something that has never happened, the anti-trans lobby is intent on preventing toilets being used for their primary purpose by one section of society.

If they succeed in forcing transpeople to stay at home because they daren't use a toilet, these hate-peddlers will then turn their attention to something else -- and it could be men in skirts.  The reason you are wearing a skirt won't matter any more; mothers will be told it is because you are a child molester, wives will be told it is because ther husbands are becoming women and men in skirts will be banned from public places because men (in trousers) have been known to 'flash' at women.

It might sound ridiculous now, but these haters have already succeeded in getting a British minister to publish a report which is completely contrary to her own department's two-year-long inquiry into transgender inequalty based on evidence from 26 expert witness and over 200 written submissions. Human Rights Watch has contacted the Prime Minister with their concerns about it.  The hate lobby now appears to be well-financed and organised, submitting hundreds of bogus responses to any appeal for information; it has grown very quickly from the few sad individuals who started it.

This is the kind of attention, currently focussed on transpeople, that men in skirts could do without.
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Re: Has the attention on transgendered individuals helped us?

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skirted84, you said, "Regrettably experience over the years has shown there is little acceptance of a man openly wearing 'womens' clothes as a man,...." Well, your experience is a lot different to mine. I find that out and about in "women's" clothes no notice is taken at all. I don't think the majority of people even notice that I'm wearing a skirt or a"woman's" top. I wear vests and slaghetti strapped tops and there's no recognition. Skirts are invisible. The only person who objects is my wife so I go out skirted when she isn't around to object. She knows I do and that she chooses to ignore the fact I am grateful. I wear a skirt most of the time indoors and, I think, she has just accepted it. There are far more serious things happening at the moment for others to be concerned about a man wearing a skirt, or top, or both.
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Re: Has the attention on transgendered individuals helped us?

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I have to agree with Dennis that people barley even notice what I am wearing and if they do they ignore it. I have been skirted 100% of the last six or seven years and in all of that time I have had only one negative moment. That was from a religious nut job that told me I was going to hell.
I was in line to check out at a Wal-Mart and the people behind me all were in favor of my skirt wearing and told the nut so..
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