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Discussion of fashion elements and looks that are traditionally considered somewhat "femme" but are presented in a masculine context. This is NOT about transvestism or crossdressing.
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Re: men in tights

Post by RADER »

Way back in the day, when I was younger, I use to frame houses, I was a carpenter.
In the cold Illinois winter, we would be working in near zero weather, all day.
Many of the crew would wear Dance-kin's tights, the nylon type that where
slippery. By wearing them, they would slide in your overhauls, instead of sticking
to them. You where a lot more warmer than the old fashion "longie"s" and where
easier to move and bend over working.
I guess we all could be considered cross dressers....LOL
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Re: men in tights

Post by Caultron »

Kilted Musician wrote:...this is the first time I wore hose with a skirt in public. I've got tights in different colors so maybe I'll try that next!
Go for it! I consistently find that the difference in public reaction to a skirt and a skirt with tights is essentially zero.
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Re: men in tights

Post by kstny »

i hate stockings (tights), but i used to wear them in the cold weather!...

now, that leggings come in colors and patterns, i wear them!...

MUCH, MUCH more comfortable, and no ugly white panty liner panel!, pwhen u do slip, and give an upskirt, all they see is more leggings!.. :)
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Re: men in tights

Post by TopCat »

For me, in the colder weather a skirt plus tights is the perfect combination, both indoors and outdoors.
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Re: men in tights

Post by TheSkirtedMan »

I'm not a fan of tights. Do not wear them under trousers in cold weather. They make my legs feel even colder than before I put the trousers on! Wear tights with skirts in the winter months. I leave it until the last minute usually late November early December and take them off as soon as I can usually late March.

I do prefer them under skirts to trousers. Perhaps because trousers are more leg hugging, I don't know but they do make me fell colder under trousers but warmer under a skirt. Thankfully I hardly wear trousers only when the task in hand makes them more sensible.

My wife says I make her feel cold when she puts her tights on and I don't. She puts hers on much sooner than I do and much later coming off. This year it was early June for her where mine were off a good 8 weeks earlier.

I too don't find any negative reaction to man in tights. It is always the skirt, not even my tops, cardigan, scarf. It is just the skirt. That's humans for you. Logic and intelligent.
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Re: men in tights

Post by Kirbstone »

Nice pic., Kstny and I do have a great weakness for pleated A-line minis.

I am surprised however, that there is only one of you. By now I had fully expected at least a half-dozen Kstnys in various poses lounging about!

Your furry boots look like Elephant's foot umbrella stands, though. Just kidding.

Here in Ireland we all have umbrellas!

Foreign visitors' view of Irish weather.jpg
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Re: men in tights

Post by dillon »

I love tights and leggings, but the fluffy boots are just a little over-the-top, for my tastes.
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