An idea for a Winter kilt/skirt.

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An idea for a Winter kilt/skirt.

Postby partlyscot » Thu Oct 23, 2014 6:26 pm

I am imagining a simplified kilt construction, the external fabric would be a fairly light, slightly stretchy softshell fabric, one of the Schoeller product ranges for preference. For those that haven't experienced softshell clothing, they do well in showery conditions, but really shine in colder weather. Very good wind blocking ability, with almost no reduction in breathability, which makes it much nicer to wear than a waterproof breathable fabric, even the best of Goretex. There would be a liner, or inner skirt/slip, made possibly of fine knit merino wool, or some kind of suitable synthetic. This would give additional warmth, and increase the modesty factor when sitting. I have some over the knee socks in a nice cashmere blend. (they actually come far enough to qualify as thigh highs, or stay up stockings) I would imagine that this would be a pretty nice rig for being out and about in some seriously cold temperatures, while allowing one to come inside and not need to do anything but take off your jacket.

I have found a couple of softshell skirts, but they look to be just a bit short. Who among the modern kilt manufacturers would be willing to construct such a thing? Either they source the fabric, or I supply the required lengths? Thinking about it, keeping the liner separate would be simpler, and allow some flexibility in temperature ranges.
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