Shaving rash

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Re: Shaving rash

Post by Ash »

Hi all,
I've been removing leg hair for about 4 years. I started using an epilator fairly early on as shaving didn't leave things smooth enough for long enough. I have two, which I tend to alternate using, . It was a bit painful at first, especially on the thighs, where the hair tends to be coarser, but it's fine now. I actually rather enjoy the sensation. But it is important to exfoliate regularly, at least twice a week, to prevent, or at least minimise, ingrowth. I've had a salon wax done a couple of times, but to be honest, unless you let it grow a bit, it's not that successful for me, and it's not cheap either, though I suppose we all like to be pampered a bit sometimes, and visiting a salon can be a real treat.

These are the two I have: ... xelle.html ... +HP6513-00

I've dispensed with the ice pack cooling thing. It sort of works, but once you're used to the sensation, there's no point in using it.

I still use a Ladyshave for my underarms, epilating there is just too painful, but I use an epilator on the rest of my arms. If you haven't tried having hair-free forearms and upper arms, give it a try, I really love it.

Recently, with the Ashes series (that's cricket), I've been sitting listening to the radio commentary and epilating regularly. Along with a tanning moisturiser afterwards, I'm rather proud of my smooth, bronzed legs! Failing that, I can do while I watch TV.

Best wishes,
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Re: Shaving rash

Post by rick401r »

I've shaved my entire body (except for my face and arms) and had no trouble except for the waistline and my er, pantyline. I alwayas get a rash there. I quit shaving that area and just trim the hair very short. That works fine.

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Re: Shaving rash

Post by whitesocks »

I have now started using a Braun Silk epil 7, fantastic - no rash or itching just beautiful smooth legs.
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Re: Shaving rash

Post by DannyL »

Smaug777 wrote:Has anyone tried an epilator, it seems that it would hurt at first but as the hair starts coming back its suppose to be finer so the the pain would decrease also. Just curious if anyone has tried this
I find that epiliators are not as reliable because they can't grab hair well until it gets a little longer (usually long enough to notice at a short distance). Even if the hair grows back finer it will still cause a noticeable greeting of your skin while it's short (similar to a 5 o'clock shadow). If you ask me, shaving is the easiest way to get consistently smooth legs every day, because a quality razor can cut extremely close to the skin so you can cut away hairs before they grow long enough to be noticeable. With epiliators, you'll get maybe a week or two hair free the another week or two of waiting for it to grow long enough to epiliate.

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Re: Shaving rash

Post by The Kilted Hoosier »

Try using a hair conditioner rather than a shaving cream. The conditioner is: 1) less expensive and 2) will last longer per purchase; 3) And more importantly, it will soften the follicle so as to make shaving it that much easier.

I have shaved my legs for about six years now and found the conditioner suggestion once from a women's magazine website. It works well for me. Too, I use a Gillette Mach 3 blade and shave in both directions on my legs, i.e. up and down so as to grab the hair as best as I can. The result is a smooth pair of legs for a good few days. I shave on Wednesday and Saturday--I hate stubble. Hope this helps.



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Re: Shaving rash

Post by Departed Member »

As mentioned earlier, shaving legs & underarms is much better with a woman's brand of razor, but trying a woman's brand of hair removal cream is not as successful as it could be.
I know that VEET have got hair removal cream for men, too, now. I saw a tube of it in Boots, but wife has now stoped me shaving legs, although I still do sometimes when I want to feel a bit special.

I know that some will want me to continue to shave legs & blast the consequenses, but I won't go against my lovely wife. :!:
Thank you.

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Re: Shaving rash

Post by the_scott_meister »

Most women start shaving in early teens, so as the years go by it gets to where it doesn't itch or cause irritation. The more you do it the less it will irritate because your body just get used to it. It gets real hot in Arizona so I shave under my arms because the deodorant/antiperspirant works much better. My lower legs get really itchy so I use Gold Bond medicated lotion, so I shave my lower legs (from just above the knees on down) so that it will be more effective. Plus, I like the feel of smooth legs and they look better in a skirt that way. Over the years I've just gotten aclimated to the shaving process, provided that I keep it up on a regular basis.

As has already been mentioned, it's also a good idea to use a product made specifically for that type of area, a men's for facial hair, and women's for legs etc. At first glance the razors don't look very different from each other, except maybe for color and handle style (women's might be more flourished while men's might be more utilitarian) but they are very different where it counts, in the blade positioning, so don't get the two mixed up. And use a shaving lubricant of some sort, gel, location, conditioner, 10W-30, doesn't matter, just don't use water because it's a real bad lubricant.

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Re: Shaving rash

Post by crfriend »

purecotton wrote:I know that some will want me to continue to shave legs & blast the consequenses, but I won't go against my lovely wife. :!:
I'd posit quite the opposite, actually!

I'm a big fan of function as well as form and if something causes one disccomfort or distress then I don't understand why one would do something. So, if your shaving causes problems I'd say, "Don't do it, then."

The_scott_meister brings up some valuable advice in razor selection. Men's razors are optimised for the facial area when has lots more curves and detail than legs, hence the blades have to be smaller; ones that are optimised for legs tend to be have larger heads which allow them to track the larger areas better. Also, when shaving one's legs, one is likely to develop much greater blade velocities than one would on his face, and in this regard the larger heads on "leg razors" is a boon. Lubrication is also important, and I've found that various shaving gels work very nicely indeed, although for the most part I just tend to use soap lather and be done with.
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Re: Shaving rash

Post by ChrisM »

Yes I use an epilator and I quite like the result.

It is interesting, however, that it seems to make it MORE likely, rather than less, that I will find ingrown hairs the next time.

The reason is this: With a blade, the hair is cut off just a microscopic distance above the skin's surface, leaving a "tree stump" which continues to grow. With the epilator the hair is removed too it's root. But when the new hair starts to grow it starts with a very fine tendril, and sometimes this "tender young shoot" is not strong enough to push its way through the skin, and ends up growing along beneath it.

This is, I believe, one of the reasons that exfoliating is so often recommended in conjunction with the epilator, so that the surface layer of skin will be thinner and easier to push through.

Finally, I have also been using the epilator on my face (against the manufacturer's recommendations) and I REALLY like the result in general, but intriguingly it is not as close as a blade. This paradox is because the epilator really needs about 1mm or more of whisker to get a grip upon, and for my beard this is about two days' growth. This means that a one-day growth won't be pulled. Result: Some 10% or so of my whiskers are always "above surface but too low to yank".


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Re: Shaving rash

Post by Ben »

I use the product "bikinizone" after any shaving including my face. Its made for opbvious locations but it is the best product I have found to apply right after shaving to prevent any rash. Like I said I use it on my face as even aftershave neevr works. The "bikini" area is a sensative so look for products marketed for that region as they may be easier or improve hair removal elsewere, in my opinio.

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Re: Shaving rash

Post by Gregg1100 »

I use "Venus" ladies private parts razor. A 5 blader which you can use with running water in the shower. I just soap up with a shower gel, and shave hair off what I can reach. Not had any trouble yet.

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Re: Shaving rash

Post by Kiltsr4guys »

A little known fact.....shampoo conditioner make a great shaving gel or foam substitute. and it's cheaper than the gel or the foam, beside your already buying it for your hair to begin with. Give it a try, and if your getting a rash from shaving, your most probably shaving on the upstroke on your legs.......try shaving on the down stroke, don't shave against the grain....
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Re: Shaving rash

Post by skirted_in_SF »

Kiltsr4guys wrote:A little known fact.....shampoo conditioner make a great shaving gel or foam substitute. and it's cheaper than the gel or the foam, beside your already buying it for your hair to begin with.
You're assuming I have enough hair to buy shampoo :cry: Well, I do have a bit. But a 15 ounce (440ml for those of you in the civilized world) bottle lasts the better part of a year.
Kiltsr4guys wrote:Give it a try, and if your getting a rash from shaving, your most probably shaving on the upstroke on your legs.......try shaving on the down stroke, don't shave against the grain....
I'll have to try your suggestion, though I don't have a rash problem. I've been using Body Shop shower gels recently.
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Re: Shaving rash

Post by Kirbstone »

The only bit of me I ever shave is my face. When I was a teenager acne was King with a succession of spots appearing on a daily basis. Add to that a touch of Psoriasis and my dial wasn't something to want to look at too closely.
Training for competative rowing put an overnight stop to the acne and with age the psoriasis has disappeared too.

As a young man I wore a trimmed beard for a year or so, but that became invaded by dandruff, so off it came.

As to shaving anywhere else, for me that's a total no-no. I have quite a forest covering my legs, for instance, but it's a good healthy penumbra and helps them not get sunburned as I wear shorts a lot, so they're premanently tanned.

Tom K.
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Re: Shaving rash

Post by skirtingtoday »

I too just shave the face and let the rest of the body hair untouched. Mrs ST prefers hairy men -> grrrrrrowl!

My with denim mini-skirt in the car.

I also find that with my (fairly short) shorts the legs tan and do not burn either, so good news on that front!
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