Discussion of fashion elements and looks that are traditionally considered somewhat "femme" but are presented in a masculine context. This is NOT about transvestism or crossdressing.
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Re: Meggings

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Jack Williams wrote:I really like "wankerchief"! Says it all.
Jack, sometimes I see a reply (like this one) and I really wish this forum had a "Like" button, this little comment needs it.

I like it!
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Re: Meggings

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Not something I'd wear myself but guys fashion is going that way, up where I live I've seen lads out and about in groups with girls and wearing skin tight running legging with baggy tops and from a distance (even a short distance) it looks like they have a dress and dark tights on
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Re: Meggings

Post by r.m.anderson »

A lot has changed since that post { by Big and Bashful » 03 Jan 2013 04:37 am }.

7 years

Now that the winter windchilling leg frostbiting weather is in the past I was
wearing leggings tights (no jeggings w/pockets) complimenting my short kilts
and skirts. Most everything I have breaks at mid thigh.
Have had a very mild winter for the most part and only recently have been
back to getting acclimated to bare leg wear weather as usual.
So it is out with the bare legs helped along with calf over the calf knee sox.
Obviously it was not nice to flirt with the lion in winter in the eye of the tiger
winter blizzards and all that but it doesn't take much when the temperature
goes over 40F 5C to get in the bare leg mode.

Yes seeing more and more of the leggings in vogue.
The gals have a corner on the market mixing and matching with abandon
of fashion - guys more common with athletic activities but not common
with the runners not so much inhibiting the air flow around the legs but
the fabric abrasion within - desired minimal encroachment in the crotch !
Something about those original Olympics run in the nude.
Another place the leggings tights are not found is the indoor athletic clubs -
no useful purpose - but guys (other than myself) wearing tights for the
fashion of it - it is not there yet - get some thumbs up and then there
are those - you crazy or something.
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Re: Meggings

Post by FranTastic444 »

I got a pair of meggings when I started my journey into alternative clothing styles a couple of years back. The wife hated them - this was back in the days before she had come to accept my new pastime. I sent them back based upon the wife's reaction (not even sure that I ever got a refund), but I'm not sure if I'd have kept them anyhow. Very shiny and wrinkly - not what I expected at all. My legs looked stick-thin and I felt like one of the band members in the Rolling Stones :-)

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