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iain wrote:That's very true about sarongs and for a beach holiday they are superb. They have an informal and impulsive air about them, rather than looking contrived over over-thought about.

The reaction a skirt gets, even on the beach, is hard to believe. One time Vivienne and I were on a Greek island and it was really hot. We're on the beach and I'm wearing a diesel khaki mini and settling into the sunbed and one woman wouldn't stop staring at me and walking "casually" near to the sun loungers and then back and forth trying secretively to see what I was wearing underneath.

I mean, everyone was in swimsuits, even me, so I was showing a lot less than virtually everyone else on the beach. But she just couldn't handle her curiosity. People are strange!
I bet you were flattered and enjoyed every minute of it. 8) :wink: :lol: :) :D

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Yes, for sure I was! But also I felt a bit self conscious because this woman was really acting strangely.

Vivienne was from Brazil and said guys in skirt smade perfect sense; to her it was no big deal at all. She even managed to wheedle a couple of mine off me to wear herself, saying it was a compliment to my fashion sense. Hmm, I never did get them back, either!

On the other hand, I had another g/f once who really hated being the centre of attention. She'd always been tall and had a gorgeous face, ever since she was in her early teens. She was well fed up with strangers staring at her and absolutely hated it.

The result was that when I wore a kilt in public she really didn't like it as it drew attention to us and she liked to try to be anonymous. So I found women's reactions have much more to do with their own state of mind than a judgement about me. It helps me sometimes to remember this!
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